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Our Solution

SPS Solutions (a.k.a. Practices) combines our assets, capabilities, and best practices from government services and commercial products to deliver business solutions.  Our most promising business solutions are developed into practice areas SPS can deliver rapidly.  SPS has targeted these areas for investment and automation to enable repeatable, cost-effective delivery of high-value services.

For an in depth look at our practices, we invite you to view the following documents:

  • Case Management - Bringing it all together. Consolidating workflow, multi-media artifacts, and effective displays - case management demands top-notch business and technical skills

  • eGovernment - Mandated throughout Government, business automation better serves the citizen at reduced cost

  • Information Security - a fundamental requisite of automated systems, SPS assessments and technical expertise optimize security resources

  • Environmental - Recycling protects and preserves the environment. Reuse of SPS environmental solutions does too

  • Financial Management - Emphasizing assessments, reporting, and controls, SPS award-winning solutions reduce costs, improve accuracy and timeliness, and accommodate growth

  • Mobile Systems - Using a proven systems architecture and application components, SPS extends enterprise IT systems to mobile devices

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