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Federal Program Managers

"Develop a business view of processes. Executives, business analysts and IT architects must see the forest, not just the trees,to understand how best to remove time obstacles to more dynamic , responsive business behavior. "

                                                                                                                                          - Peter Fingar, the Greystone Group

The road to your organization's future is paved with projects.  Managing those projects efficiently and effectively takes clarity, agility, and an accomplished IT partner to steer you safely past the risks and swiftly toward your goals.

SPS senior staff helps keep you on track because they include PMI-certified project management professionals, financial degree holders, and MBAs, as well as business and technical subject matter experts.  Our clients benefit from our entire staff's deep domain knowledge and its extensive experience in all phases of project execution.

We consistently help our clients achieve their objectives on time and on budget. Our solutions have earned our clients numerous national awards.  Through effective change management, streamlined processes and controls, and enterprise architecture alignment, SPS is moving organizations into the future, transforming risk into opportunity.

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