SPS Corporate Summary

Our Company

Software Performance Systems, Inc. (SPS) is a small business specializing in superior information technology services for government and commercial clients.

Delivered solutions include financial management, case management, E-government, enterprise architecture, environmental controls, and network engineering. Key technologies and disciplines include J2EE and .Net architectures, component-based development, large-scale system design, PeopleSoft solutions, and information security.

SPS's primary business practices are:

  • E-Government
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Case Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Information Security
  • Continuity of Operations Planning
  • Mobile / Wireless Solutions
  • Environmental Management

Our preferred development approach is based on the Rational Unified Process. We have been independently assessed at SEI CMM Level 2. Reflecting the SPS commitment to quality, our customers have received national awards for SPS-built solutions, including:

  • Grace Hopper Federal Government Technology Leadership Award by Government Executive Magazine
  • E-Gov Pioneer Award (also featured in the Government Solutions Center at the E-Gov conference)
  • Excellence.gov Grand Prize Award by Federation of Government IP Councils
  • Excellence.gov Finalist Award (by Federation of Government IP Councils)
  • Government IT Agency Award for Excellence in Government by Post Newsweek Technical Media Group

Customer satisfaction, outstanding management, and technical excellence have led to substantial growth since the company's inception in 1995 and numerous corporate awards, including:

  • Recipient of Computerworld's "Top 10 Best Places to Work in IT"
  • Small Business Exporter of the Year - SBA Washington DC District Office
  • Fast 50, State of Virginia
  • Fast 500, North America

Our Expertise

Enterprise Systems - SPS-developed systems serve thousands of users, execute under multiple operating systems, and process tens of thousands of transactions per day. To master these complexities, we use formal project management processes and powerful tools, including the IBM/ Rational Enterprise Suite, WebSphere, and Advantage Gen.

E-Business - SPS web storefront sites and B2B systems are secure and easy to use. They include three systems for the USPTO, two for the US Coast Guard, and one for NOAA (delivering over 1,000,000 nautical charts), providing a wide range of services to worldwide customers. Technologies of J2EE, .NET, web services, and XML-based messaging enable a full range of payment media and content distribution.

Finance & Administration - SPS comprehensive financial systems match web storefronts with back-end revenue processing to authorize credit card payments on-line. SPS implemented a PeopleSoft enterprise financial system for the Smithsonian Institution (SI). We delivered a USPTO subsidiary ledger system processing $1B per year and 12,500 transactions per day. Administration solutions include an Employee Management System for the U.S. Coast Guard, an enterprise SI PeopleSoft HR solution, and many reusable components to manage employee and workflow productivity data. A full 12% of our staff has MBA degrees, ensuring sound business acumen to complement our technical skills.

Case Management - SPS solutions include an enterprise case tracking system, annually supporting examination of over 300,000 patent applications, migrated from a mainframe to a client/server and web-based environment. We built a system to support fully electronic review of over 65,000 international patent applications per year, integrating commercial workflow products, imaging technologies, and reusable components. Our case management expertise includes legal (criminal and civil) and investigative systems, environmental compliance and enforcement systems, and a system that helps manage claims resulting from oil spills.

Security - SPS incorporates security into every phase and architectural component. We provide organizational security services as well, including certification and accreditation (C&A) audits. We designed and implemented a security program for the Bureau of Industry and Security. For the Library of Congress, we created information security polices, developed workstation and server hardening guides, conducted several C&A audits, and currently serve as security subject matter experts for the Library's IT Security Directives C&A processes. We developed secure systems for electronic patent applications and provided PKI consulting services to an international organization administering 23 intellectual property treaties.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) - SPS EA experience spans helping customers establish the foundation for an EA program to reviewing solution architectures for compliance with an already-established EA. SPS specialized expertise with service-based component architectures created proven savings exceeding $10 million and supported cross-agency architecture standards development efforts.

Component Based Development - SPS clients have realized significant savings through our reuse of software components. SPS established a component development environment as well as an enterprise component repository for over 250 developers at the USPTO. We implemented architecture and development processes to support USPTO components published to COM, Java, and C++, supporting web-based systems in multi-tier architectures. In addition to Federal clients, our CBD customers include the States of Missouri, North Carolina, and Texas.

IT Infrastructure - SPS IT infrastructure engineering services meet stringent performance, usability, and security needs. Our services include project management, site surveys, engineering, site preparation, testing, staging, installation, integration, training, operations, and support. Our engineers, certified in major technologies currently deployed in enterprise class environments, are experts in the design and implementation of complex IT infrastructure and networks. We deliver technologies that exploit Gigabit E-Net, ATM, Fiber Channel, Storage Area Networks (SAN), distributed backup, high availability, and network management.

Environmental Management - SPS provides proven enterprise environmental solutions to jump-start State agency environmental initiatives. Our solutions provide high ROI and reduced risks through inter-state agency technology sharing. Component-based architecture and configurable business components provide flexibility to accommodate change.

Mobile Practice - SPS extends enterprise IT systems to mobile devices and builds new mobile applications to provide functionality required by a mobile workforce. We employ customizable questionnaires and checklists to guide data collection processes and structure the collected data. Our architecture enables rapid deployment, low total cost of ownership, and adaptability to change.

Our Staff

Superior results require superior personnel. SPS works hard to recruit the best and then keep them through a robust retention program that has consistently resulted in lower than industry-standard turnover. To keep skills current, encourage advance degrees, and ensure a high percentage of independently awarded certificate holders, the training/tuition budget per employee averages $6,000 per year. As a result, our staff hold advanced degrees in Information Technology and Business Administration/Finance, and many technical and professional certifications including PMI PMP, Java, Microsoft disciplines, OOAD, Testing, CM, and QA.

Customers Sampling of
Successful SPS Projects
U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) DOJ Consolidated Office Network System (JCON II) LAN/WAN design, Cisco, MS Backoffice, SECRET/TOP SECRET Office Automation
DOJ Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) J2EE, Oracle, Secure System Development, Electronic Fingerprint Transmission
Smithsonian Institution Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Projects PeopleSoft Financials, PeopleSoft HR
U.S. Coast Guard Certificate of Financial Responsibility, Claims Processing System, Employee Management System Visual Basic, ActiveX, XML, Web-Based User Interface, Case Management
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Revenue Accounting and Management (RAM) & Order Entry Management Systems (OEMS) E-business systems, CBD, Java/J2EE, SOAP, XML, Advantage Gen, SSL, SET, Oracle, FFS/Momentum interface, Crystal Reports
Software Development Infrastructure Advantage Gen, Oracle, CBD, Enterprise Reuse & Metrics, Helpdesk, Tuxedo
EA Service-Based Component Architecture Enterprise Architecture, CBD
Patent Application Locating & Monitoring System (PALM), File Ordering & EXPO Large, enterprise, case management system; Mainframe to client/server conversion
Patent Cooperation Treaty Ops Workflow and Electronic Review Fully electronic case management solution, COTS workflow, Advantage Gen, Visual Basic
Tools for Electronic Application Management Executable Prototype Document workflow, Advantage Gen, Visual Basic, SGML/XML
Solution for Budget Modeling & Forecasting Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Web Site
Library of Congress Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP), Appl. Hosting Platform C&A, Security Program Security, COOP, Security Program Consulting Services
Int'l Intellectual Property Treaty Organization Technical and Security Consulting Services Standards development, Electronic filing, PKI, XML, Quality Assurance
State of Texas – TCEQ Enterprise Environmental Management Systems, Investigation Information Collection System Advantage Gen, CBD, Visual Basic, XML, Consulting Services, Document workflow, Mobile Solutions, Environmental Solutions
State of Missouri Purchasing and Materials Management Advantage Gen
Water Quality Information System (WQIS) Advantage Gen, DB2
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Nautical Chart Print-on-Demand Website E-Commerce, Linux, Apache, Java, MySQL
Integration and Operation of the Nautical Charting System Hydrographic Toll Suites, Oracle, SQL Server, Rational Unified Process
Bureau of Industry and Security Security Program Design & Implementation Investigative Case Management System Security, J2EE, Rational Unified Process, Enterprise Architecture Program Support
VA Housing Development Authority Enterprise Architecture Program Support Establish NASCIO-compliant EA standards & templates
State of North Carolina – DHHS Enterprise Component Support Advantage Gen, IBM UDB, JSP, ASP

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